Our Facilities

Our Cabins

Both cabins come equipped with industrial sized cookers, gas boilers, water, electricity and refrigeration. Groups will have to supply their own cooking equipment. Camping £1.50 per person per night including all members of the party.

Curlew Cabin

Also known as the Scout cabin, the building comprises a 12 bunk main room with a separate 4 bunk leader room, a kitchen and sufficient table and chairs for a group of this size. The cabin is ideal for smaller groups who wish to benefit from the site but want some indoor accommodation for sleeping, cooking and eating.

Curlew cabin £50 for one night, £90 for the weekend and £220 for a week

Cub Cabin

The cub cabin comprises a main room large enough to accommodate up to 20 people for eating and a large kitchen. The cabin does not have any sleeping accommodation so it is generally used by groups who want the tenting experience but a fall back of some indoor facilities.

Cub cabin £40 for one night, £70 for the weekend or £160 for a week


Permitted activities can be arranged on site with notice. Please ask when booking and specify the activity you would like to do.